Pvc Fence Post and Rail Systems

Çelpi PVC Fence Post / Barrier and Horse Racing Barrier Systems

“Horse and human friendly” product for the use of horse breeding studs, farms, hippodromes, racing and equestrian areas.

  • Çelpi Pvc Fence Pole Barrier systems are much more flexible, long-lasting and cost-effective in the long run than traditional wooden, iron fences.
  • Thanks to its heavy metal-free special polymer formulation, Çelpi PVC pole / Barrier systems, which are specially produced for horse and camel races to be carried out under much safer conditions, as well as used in horse breeding and world racecourses, are separated from the pole in order not to harm the horse, jockey and rider. and is designed to be easily installed.

Çelpi PVC Fence Post/Barrier system is produced from uPvc. It provides resistance to UV rays due to its polymer containing polygrid. It is not affected by sun rays. It is not affected by water, hot or cold weather conditions. It does not change color abnormally.

Çelpi PVC Fence Post/Barrier system never needs repainting and is not affected by insects and rodents. does not rot, does not rust, does not oxidize, does not peel off and does not burn with flame.

Usage Areas

Application - Easy installation

Çelpi Pvc Fence Pole/Barrier system is applied as a single, 2-3-4 row barrier upon request. Installation time is much shorter than alternative fences. It can be applied in all weather conditions. Mounting is an important factor. The pits dug for the poles should be dug at depths and intervals suitable for the desired height of the fence, and the poles should be fixed to the ground with concrete. The barriers are easily mounted in their slots on the poles with their special clips.

Çelpi PVC racing Barrier system is designed to cope with the pressure of fast horse racing atmosphere. It is mounted in a single row with smooth surfaces, rounded edges, appropriately tight fit and T joints. Special iron feet placed under the barrier poles are used to fix the pole to the ground. There is no difference on sand or grass runway surfaces. Barrier distance adjustment and/or barrier replacement can be done easily and quickly with the special T connection piece and fixing feet.

Safe and Powerful Çelpi PVC racing curtain wall system is designed as a movable system that can be installed permanently or quickly disassembled and reassembled when necessary.

Life Cycle



Extremely economical

Çelpi PVC Fence Post/Barrier system and racing barrier systems are produced in accordance with ASTM, EN standards. Compliance with the standards has been approved in the tests carried out in accredited laboratories.

Çelpi PVC Fence Post/Barrier system increases the value of your properties, stud farms, race tracks and similar facilities. It makes it look nice. Thanks to its long life and low maintenance cost, it is much more economical than wooden and iron fences/barriers. It pays off its investment in a very short time. The material of the fences is environmentally friendly and completely recyclable. It does not contain toxic toxic substances.

If you have Çelpi PVC Fence Post/Barrier system, you will not waste your time and money.

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